The capacity issue

The number, magnitude and extent of environmental issues continues to grow around the world. The delivery of effective conservation outcomes requires individuals and well-led organisations with an incredibly diverse range of skills, knowledge, and information to meet future conservation challenges. The development and maintenance of such capacity however, is often very difficult for individuals and organisations to achieve. Given the growing number of environmental challenges in the next few decades, the conservation sector will need to ‘scale up’ its capacity building activities. Play at the best casino with us on sizzling hot. Bonus for the first 100 people!

The capacity building conference series

The global Capacity Building for Conservation conference 2019 is the fourth in a series of international meetings aimed at tackling some of these difficult and pervasive issues. The conferences have been developed by Mark O’Connell (University of Gloucestershire) in partnership with a core committee of colleagues from national and international conservation organisations. Over 500 representatives from more than 300 organisations have attended the three conferences:

Colombia (South America region 2013)

You can download the declaration paper from the Colombia conference for more information.

Kenya (Africa region 2015)

You can download the paper from the African conference for more information.

India (Asia region 2017)

Capacity building for Conservation in Asia

The global capacity conference

The global meeting provides a unique opportunity for discussion and problem-solving amongst the international conservation capacity community. The proceedings will be published as a special edition of the International Journal of Conservation (ORYX). The meeting will also be filmed (archive material on the website) and key presentations live-streamed. A series of guides will be published after the conference in relation to the core capacity building areas covered by the meeting. The primary conference language will be English, but we hope to be able to also offer translation into French (details to follow).

Organisers & Hosts

The conference is being organised by Mark O’Connell from the University of Gloucestershire and hosted at the Zoological Society of London.

Organising Committee

We very much hope you will join us in London 2019. Best wishes.
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Mark O'Connell
Conference Organiser
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